Real Estate IQ is Pleased to Offer

On-Demand Skip Tracing with Intelligence Data

Send us a list of addresses and we will do the skip tracing and return your list with email addresses and phone numbers (both landline and cellular). 

PLUS up to 300 fields of additional data including:

Property Ownership

  • Owner information: name & last name, DOB, occupation, online education
  • Home owner flag: length of residency, 
  • Gender, marital status
  • Phone number: mobile, landlines (5)
  • Email Addresses (5)
  • Carrier route and type

Property Deep Data

  • Building Code: improvement codes, Construction type: building condition, depth footage
  • Home health indicator
  • Tax Code area: year, utilities, water
  • Appraisal: improvement value, land

Vehicle Information

  • Auto, motorcycle, boats, RVs
  • Truck owner
  • Year make and model
  • VIN

Key Financial Data

  • Income and credit rating
  • Credit and bank card information: Premium, Visa, Discover, Mastercard, American Express, store/retail
  • Net worth: Income Residential properties owned, investment, mutual funds, stocks or bonds
  • Absentee owner status, equity flag

Deal Info

  • Cash or mortgage purchase
  • Private party lender, Refi flag, Seller carry back
  • Lender company Information & address
  • Mortgage: 1st, 2nd, assumption amount, due date, interest rate, term
  • Deed type; 1st, 2nd
  • Title company & taxroll
  • Homestead Exemption, construction loan

Family Attributes

  • Race, language, family position, veteran
  • Education
  • Presence of young adults or elderly
  • Pets: owner owns at least one cat/dog
  • Hispanic, working women

Consumer Behavior and Interests

  • Collector: antiques, coins, stamps, etc.
  • Contributions: political, religious, veterans
  • Books, magazines, music, self improvement Interests: astrology, computer, fashion, medical, science, world news, romance
  • Purchasing behavior: Children products, clothing, cosmetics, satellites, gifts, home décor

Results returned by noon of the next business day.*

Sample Input File

You provide us with a list of addresses as shown below.

Sample Output File

And we give you a wide range of intelligence data as follows.

If you wish, you may download and use the sample input file here.

Get Started Now

Introductory Special

Price: $5

  • One time upload
  • Upload up to 5 addresses
  • 3-4 expected results
  • $1 - $1.67 per result

Bronze Plan

Price: $25 

  • Upload up to 75 addresses /mo.
  • One upload per month
  • 45-53 expected results
  • $.47 - $.56 per result

Silver Plan

Price: $50

  • Upload up to 200 addresses/mo.
  • Up to two uploads per month
  • 120-140 expected results
  • $.36 - $.42 per result

Gold Plan

Price: $100

  • Upload up to 600 addresses/mo.
  • Up to four uploads per month
  • 360-420 expected results
  • $.23 - $.28 per result

Platinum Plan

Price: $200

  • Upload up to 1500 addresses/mo.
  • Up to four uploads per month
  • 900-1050 expected results
  • $.19 - $.22 per result

*Approximately 60-70% of the addresses will have available data. Not all data available for all addresses.

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