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We are Hiring!

Are you ready for an exciting career that combines real estate investing, technology, and leadership?  

We are hungry for talent. We are looking for creative and motivated individuals to join our adventure as we enter the hyper growth stage. There are lots of exciting opportunities to grow within our company; sky is the limit for those who strive to excel.

Our mission at Real Estate IQ is to bring technological advances, big data, intelligence augmentation, and predictive analytics into the real estate investment industry. We want to help beginning and seasoned investors understand their markets, think smarter, and act quickly.  


...for hazardous journey, low wages, bitter cold, long hours of complete darkness. Safe return doubtful. Honor and recognition in event of success." 

- Sir Ernest Shackleton, Antarctic Explorer

We are looking to fill positions in the following areas:

Sales Manager

We need a highly motivated person to be in charge of our sales and business development team to help us achieve constant growth. The person must have strong communication skills and be willing to listen to our community and understand their needs. The sales manager will translate the needs and desires of the community into actionable tasks to enhance client happiness. 

  • Texas, Florida, Georgia, DC - Maryland, Pennsylvania, New York
  • Cultivating and motivating local leadership
  • Making large corporate sales 
  • Supporting sales and development force

Front Line - Business Development & Sales: 

This position is for a highly motivated person that wants to grow to the next level. You will be in a position of service and influence among your peers in the real estate investment business. You will be in charge of running the table, giving product demos, and interacting with new and seasoned investors.

  • Part time 
  • Opportunities to grow - you set your own limits.  
  • Commission - based 
  • We provide full product and sales training. 

 Events Volunteer: 

Become a big part of organizing our networking events and classes. By participating in these events, you will be meeting and working with industry experts, and overtime you will grow your network and influence in the real estate investment industry.  

If you are a friendly and enthusiastic person, and you love meeting new people, then this is the perfect position for you.  

You will be responsible for setting up the event, greeting event attendees, administering raffle tickets, and take down.  

  • Part time 
  • Lots of learning opportunities

UX Designer

  • The User Experience (UX) Designer will design user interfaces in order to provide exceptional experiences for Real Estate IQ customers. 
  • This person will contribute user experience expertise and assets during the conception and delivery of digital solutions for mobile, tablet and desktop devices.  
  • The successful candidate will have prior experience in user experience design, find satisfaction in designing solutions, and has a high standard for providing quality professional services.  

Customer Service Advocate

  • We are looking for a person to answer and initiate calls to current and potential clients in order to answer questions and sign them up for our services. 
  • The ideal candidate will understand real estate investing and be comfortable talking with local market leaders.  

Real Estate IQ is a company of leaders and givers. We believe giving is the key to success, and we are looking for people with integrity that will fit our culture. We love to have fun creating new ideas, concepts, and methods. We are a fast-growing startup company about to hit the hyper-growth stage, so your work will be very important to helping us shape our future success. 

Apply today!

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